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Saturday, September 13, 2008

America in 100 Days

Pretty sweet, don't you think? Thanks to Joey's deep Phi Sigma Kappa roots, his good friend and fraternity brother Eric Perinotti (also my friend, as confirmed by Facebook) whipped up this pretty little icon for our trip. Hats off to him for being the man.
The plan for our trip west has evolved considerably since we conceived the idea (which you can read more about here). We've altered our trip route to include a few scenic Florida destinations, including Key West and Pensacola. We've purchased a domain name ( and two years of web hosting, to develop as a medium with which to document every step of this great adventure (and possibly a way to help finance it). And now we've got this logo.
Good start. Still eight and a half months to go.

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Pat Planderack said...

this sounds like an idea that can't possibly fail