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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Primary Posting

I think I chose a good day to begin writing this blog. I'm 23, finished college for a year, and find myself living an unusual lifestyle that includes a seven day workweek, a profound love for live music, and a penchant for writing. Here, you'll be able to peruse my ramblings about whatever happens to be at the front of my mind, whether it be about dining out, traveling, cool spots in Philly or anything else.
Today is a nice day to begin, as today marks the unofficial end to Hillary Clinton's well-meaning presidential campaign. Poor, poor Hillary, whose ill-fated bid came at precisely the wrong time - that being at the same time as Barack Obama's bid. This contest has effectively been over, in my eyes, since the so-called "Potomac Primaries" of Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C., during which Obama beat the pantsuit off of Clinton by more than twenty points in each state. Finally, the candidates having completed 50 of 56 nominating contests, Tim Russert declared last night, "We now know who the nominee will be." I think that's as clear a note of finality as anyone can imagine.
I'm an ardent Obama supporter, thanks primarily to his opposition to the Iraq War before it began. I try to get involved, but I spend enough time on the phone at work that I'm not going to join a phone bank or anything. I have, however, managed to see both Barack and Michelle Obama speak (on separate occasions) in recent weeks, and will hopefully be able to do so again as the summer months progress. Such excursions, and their surrounding plans, are just the kind of thing you can expect me to be talking about on this blog.
But I've got plenty more on my mind. I've been on a cheesesteak binge lately, scouring through Conshy and Philly for spectacular specimens. My findings will have their home here as well.
In the meanwhile, I should be getting back to work. Nice to meet you, and we'll talk soon.


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